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Fuel Flow Tester

Client's Problem

The client needed custom ATE software to orchestrate testing of high accuracy aircraft fuel flow meters on new state of the art ATEs.

Our Solution

Action Technical created LabVIEW software that provides the operator user interface, coordinates test execution, makes measurements, and records test data.

Our contributions

  • Led creation of written requirements collected from and reviewed by all project stakeholders
  • Created software for prototype system to prove out new test hardware and measurement techniques
  • Worked with client ATE hardware engineer on design of ATE measurement hardware
  • Collaborated with fuel flow skid PLC programmer to define interactions between PLC software and PC based ATE software
  • Designed and implemented PC side software using LabVIEW, TestStand, and ALOHA
  • Implemented Excel and text configuration files to allow the client to fully configure testing of many UUT variants on different types of fuel flow skid hardware, without having to modify LabVIEW or TestStand software
  • Performed integration testing with fuel flow skid and ATE hardware, collaborated with client personnel to resolve issues
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Robotic Phone Tester

Client's Problem:

The client needed to replace extensive manual tests of cell phone functionality with repeatable fully automated tests.

Our Solution:

Action Technical collaborated with T-Mobile engineers to define and create a state of the art automated cell phone test system with robotic phone control, screen image capture and analysis, and video capture of anomalies. The software uses configuration files and wizards to provide quick test setup for new phones.

Our contributions

  • Worked closely with all stakeholders to create and refine system requirements
  • Researched and selected hardware for robot, camera systems, phone fixtures, and enclosure
  • Worked with outside vendor on mechanical design and build
  • Designed LabVIEW and TestStand software architecture with configuration files for per phone customization
  • Coded, debugged, and tested LabVIEW and TestStand software with system hardware
  • Implemented follow on features including battery test measurements with NI data acquisition hardware
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Circuit Card Automated Test

Client's Problem:

The client needed LabVIEW help to re-architect circuit card test software and to develop tests for 2 circuit cards.

Our Solution:

Hans worked remotely to re-architect existing LabVIEW software into common and circuit card specific sections to make software reuse easy for future projects. Implemented tests for 2 circuit cards and performed integration testing and debug on bed of nails fixtures.

Our contributions

  • Communicated extensively with client engineers to understand existing software and test requirements
  • Rearchitected LabVIEW software with most software components in a common folder that can be reused to test any future circuit card along with configuration files to handle per UUT differences
  • Created modular reusable LabVIEW software drivers for Agilent measurement mux, power supplies, embedded software loader, and custom serial communication protocol
  • Created custom per UUT LabVIEW software and Excel and csv configuration files for 2 circuit cards
  • Tested and debugged software with UUTs on bed of nails fixture
  • Worked with client engineers to resolve issues found with test spec and fixture hardware
  • Created software design document and reviewed design with client engineers over Microsoft Teams
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Electric Boat Motor Dyno Test Rig

Client's Problem:

The client’s engineer had started coding LabVIEW software to run motor and controller software in a benchtop dyno setup and the engineer was leaving the company in one week.

Our Solution:

Hans visited the client and was able to get the LabVIEW software working with the dyno setup within a few days, before the engineer departed.  Then Hans restructured the software to allow it to perform real time stimulus and control of the system and added functionality as the dyno system evolved.

Our contributions

  • Quickly got the LabVIEW software working with the dyno system by sending and receiving CAN messages to both the motor and the dyno controllers
  • Provided ongoing remote support to add functionality over time, including:
    • Using DBC files to configure the CAN messages
    • Real time graphing of any signal in the system
    • Data recording of all signals
    • Incorporated NI CAN module and torque sensor, accelerometer, and power measurements, as well as control of power supply
    • Added scripting of stimulus signals via user created Excel script files
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